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Trident International - Columbus Ohio

Leather & Levi Social Club


Formation Of Trident International
The original club was named and formed at and during the existence of a Montreal waterfront tavern called, The Neptune. The name and logo was adopted as the result of the Neptune's theme. The establishments logo was the three pronged fork carried by King Neptune, God of the Waters. Trident International's logo design is a stylized combination of King Neptune's fork and the Province of Quebec symbol, the "fleur-de-lees". The chosen logo colors are red and black.

Trident International - Columbus Ohio's Mission
Our purpose is to give individuals a united identity and recognition, and permit involvement in the local, national and international leather, levi/uniform, and fetish community. We also strive to educate people in order to understand and interact with those involved in the leather, levi/uniform, fetish community.

Trident Group Photo